Getting together in the light of the idea of collecting all the architects and engineers who belongto the Armenian society in Turkey, the HAYCAR group managed its first meeting on 24 April 1999. After a few dormant years, by the participation of young members, the group widened and took steps forward gaining a formalidentification. Starting from 27 July 2007 the group officialy became HAYCAR Association of Architects and Engineers.


The main goals of foundation of our association is as follows to support the rehabilitation and revitalization of culturalentities, to contribute to the public awareness about the importance and value of these entities and, to strengthen the cooperation among professionals who can actually contribute to this context. In this outline the objectives of HAYCAR.

Association of Architects and Engineers are:

  • To organize panels, seminars, conferences, courses and presentation meetings to enhance the technical knowledge and experience of people who are still attending or already attended to engineering or architectural programs in universities.
  • To create effective platforms where, technical and social interactions among members are possible.
  • Togive technical support and counselling by providing the required communication for our institutions.
  • To keep up with developments and innovations in architecture, engineering and related fields, to share these with members.